Annual Rail Safety Reports

Document Number Title Last Updated
Annual Report to the Rail Safety Regulator – 2005 10th March 2006
Annual Safety Performance Report – 2011 10th March 2012
Annual Safety Report for 2013-2014 3rd November 2014
Annual Safety Report for 2014-2015 10th December 2015
Annual Safety Report for 2015-2016 20th December 2016
Annual Safety Report for 2016-2017 20th December 2017
Annual Rail Safety Report for 2017-2018 18th January 2019
Annual Rail Safety Report for 2018-2019 14th February 2020
Annual Rail Safety Report for 2019-2020 30th December 2020


Incident Reports

Document Number Title Last Updated
 ARHS-NO-03-17 Incident Investigation: Collision – TN 1551 v motor vehicle at Corio Tce 11th June 2017 4th March 2019
 ARHS-NO-14-15 Incident Investigation: Derailment of car 71 at Goolwa Depot 17th February 2015
 ARHS-NO-07-15 Incident Investigation: Derailment of Train 7171 at Gemmells September 12th 2015 20th February 2016
ARHS-NO-06-15 Incident Report: Rail Safety Worker Injury at Goolwa Depot 3rd September 2015 26th October 2015
ARHS-NO-06-14 Incident Report: Trolley Derailment at 74.8km 10th February 2014
ARHS-NO-07-17 Incident Report: Collision – TN1142 v motor vehicle at Mt Compass Rd 9th Oct 2017 2nd July 2018
ARHS-NO-02-17 Incident Report: Collision – TN4556 v motor vehicle at Houlden Road 15th February 2017 3rd July 2017
ARHS-NO-09-16 Incident Report: Collision – TN7553 v motor vehicle at Grantley Avenue 31st December 2016 5th June 2017