Document Number Title Last Updated
TMT-01 SteamRanger Perway Code of Practice 1st November 2018
SHRI-003-PE-01 TMS04 Gemco Track Machine Maintenance & Operation Manual July 2005
SHRI-004-WPT-05 COP Yard Inspection & Assessment Specification January 2014
SHRI-004-WPT-06 T&C COP Final Inspections & Track Audit October 2014
SHRI-004-WPT-09 Grade Crossings September 2012
SHRI-004-WPT-10 Waterways and Drainage October 2013
SHRI-004-WPT-12 Management of the Railway Reserve October 2015
SHRI-004-WFTC-01 Perway Work Sheet January 2014
SHRI-004-WFTC-02 Track Inspection and Assessment Report May 2014
SHRI-004-WFTC-06 Turnout Condition Record Sheet April 2006
SHRI-004-WFTC-07 Waterways and Drainage Annual Inspection October 2013
SHRI-004-WFTC-08 Track Audit Record Form October 2014
SHRI-004-WPQA-03 Infrastructure Rollingstock Safety Management & Compliance February 2016
SHRI-004-WPQA-04 Infrastructure Rail Wheel Inspection July 2014
SHRI-004-WPQA-05 Infrastructure Plan Room – Drawing Management August 2006
SHRI-004-WPQA-06 Infrastructure Rollingstock Operate TMS-09 Toyota HighRail Procedure February 2016
SHRI-004-WPQA-07 Infrastructure Rollingstock Operate TMS-13 Bedford Road-Rail May 2016
SHRI-005-WHSF-01  Job-Start/Job End Meeting Record Form  11 November 2016
SHRI-004-WFTQA-01 Safety Compliance Service Record Sheet October 2013
SHRI-004-WFTQA-02 Track Vehicle Daily Checklist Form January 2015
SHRI-004-WFTQA-03 Track Machine Daily Checklist Form January 2015
SHRI-004-WFTQA-04 Road Rail Vehicle Daily Checklist Form January 2015
SHRI-004-WFTQA-05 Tamper Inspection & Service Sheet October 2013
SHRI-004-WFTQA-06 Ballast Regulator Inspection & Service Sheet October 2013
SHRI-004-WFTQA-07 Rail Wheel Profile Inspection Record October 2013
SHRI-004-WFTQA-08 Rollingstock Fault Report Job Sheet September 2013
ARHS-WFO-01 Train Running Information Form January 2016
ISP-TC-WPT-02 Track Inspection and Maintenance Procedure October 2008
ISP-TC-WPT-03 Track Inspection Schedule – Victor Harbor Line December 2006
SHRI-004-SIA-01 Access Agreement for Utilities and Contractors February 2016
SHR-RIM-WI-799 Tools, Plant and Equipment
Book of Work Instructions
June 2022